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Polltics specializes in political research, political strategy formulation, message development, political communications, campaign management, traditional & digital media strategy and political technologies.

For Politicians

To gain strong foothold in the political arena & strengthen the overall reputation.

For Parties

To retain and improve their stronghold position as well as improve public perception before & after elections.

For NGOs

To support organizations to understand target peoples need & design campaigns accordingly.

Why Choose Polltics?

Every great political campaign rewrites the rules; devising a new way to win !

It's impossible to control every factor in politics, In these circumstances our experienced team can create a huge a difference for recovery and gaining strength, after a thorough delicate examination of the situation, timing & the method of actions become more important.

We are a highly dedicated professionals, able to work under extreme pressure and tight deadlines with calmness and composure.

Team Polltics

Highlighted Features

make your work easier and faster!

Political MappingEco

The mapping of all the aspects of political ecosystem that are relevant to election outcome. in that assembly constituency!

Winnability Quotient

The WQ is the pshyco scientific tool to measure winnability of a candidate vis-à-vis over all political opponents.!

Psychographic Test Pro

To measure party workers' suitability for roles based on personality, characteristics and their political aptitude.

Team’s Training

The workers will train about the party's ideology, various skills, tricks and how to convert it into an electoral appeal.

War room setup GGR

It is an ICT driven election campaign management workplace & structured public grievance redressal setup.

Voter’s profiling

With the help of our CMS-VMS tool we can profile and manage our contacts, it involve visit, meet and issue identification.

Communications Lab

On the basis of segments, micro-targeted messages designing & circulation via all feasible promotions channels.

Third Party Campaign

Our expertise in targeted community-group behavioral change campaigns, i.e. Youth, Woman, Dalit, Minorities etc.

Campaign Management

Our dedicated experienced experts support your teams in end-to-end election campaign management all the time.

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