Polltics is an emerging leader in public opinion polling & political consulting outfit specializing in political, public affairs, and public policy research in India since 2011. It aims at informing the parties/candidates/public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping India and the world. It conducts public opinion polls, demographic research, content analysis, Booth management, campaign management, media & social media and other data-driven social science research. We partner with national policy makers, governments institutions , NGO’s, Media houses, corporate organizations to enhance their data set of information, as its research is focused on producing accurate data that compels decisions to power engagement, strategy for government, marketing & communications that derives results adding value to their output. We believe in a personalized approach to candidates. The more we know you, the more successfully we will be in delivering your objectives and providing meaningful solutions.

We are a team of 100+ Professionals,  Activists, bureaucrats, Media Persons, Artists & Ex. Politicians. Many From Top institutes like IITs, IIMs With wide range of expertise in election campaign management, Poll Surveys, Branding & PR, Communications and Technology etc.

Polltics offers an integrated political consulting services to Political Parties and Political leaders to develop strong political strategies and targeted campaigns to Improve party & candidate performance during elections. Our expert poll strategist will be very instrumental for your all phases of election. Campaign strategy development, its effective execution & monitoring with the help of different tactics, techniques, technologies & teams.

We offer a hybrid of Political Science, Human psychology, public relation, Survey research, policy research, Advertising, Promotion, Branding, political Communication, media relations, crisis management, events management, fundraising, internet, social media, election software, Analytics, mobile applications and other modern technologies.  As the role of political parties & nature of election changed through the years, our method and style of election campaign management also evolved. Unlike any other election management company Polltics provides end to end election management solutions to candidates & political parties. We use professional techniques guided by our research data to achieve desirable results.

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